Aplication Engineer(冲压)上海

月薪:4501-8000元 | 上海 | 全职 | 学历:大专 | 工作经验:熟练
南京马波斯自动化设备有限公司 申请职位


- 负责马波斯Brankamp系列在线测量产品在冲压相关领域的安装、调试、现场应用等工作;



- 两年以上自动化设备进行安装调试和维护等相关工作经验;

- 熟悉冲压行业应用设备者优先;

- 大专以上学历,机电或自控和机械类相关专业毕业;

- 有基本的英语读写能力;

- 可以经常出差。

马波斯是世界领先的测量设备供应商,由Mario Possati 先生于1952年创立,专业制造各种标准化及非标的测量产品,包括各种测量、控制—及机械加工零件的形状和表面质量控制产品,以及加工过程控制与监控—。马波斯能够为用户提供各种应用解决方案,满足用户不同需求,如机床状况监控和刀具监控,工件的在线测量和加工后测量,测量数据的采集和统计分析等。




Mario Possati founded Marposs in 1952. Since its inception, Marposs has been producing standard and custom systems for industrial applications to measure and control dimensions, geometries and surface quality of mechanical components and for control and monitoring of the machining process. Marposs engineers work with both end users and machine tool makers, from the development stage of a project through implementation and long-term service support. Application solutions are obtained with standard or engineered products and cover all requirements from the immediate control of the machine tool, to the final inspection of the finished pieces and to the collection and statistical interpretation of the measurement data.

Marposs is a world leader with global capabilities in Research & Development, Production, Marketing, Sales, Customer Training and After-Sales Service. Marposs adheres to Quality principles and is committed to the continuous improvement of procedures and methods, as well as the adoption of new methods most suitable for the analysis, engineering, production, control and assistance of all its products and services. Marposs' expertise allows its customers to reach their goals of product quality, efficiency, flexibility, productivity, reliability and maintainability of the manufacturing process, regardless of their company size.

Marposs’ mission is to provide precision metrology equipment for use in the workshop environment during and after machining operations. Marposs can supply products ranging from an individual gauging component to turnkey machines or fully automated lines to give a global answer to customers’ needs, supplying the metrology equipment in association with non-destructive testing, leak testing and a wide variety of sensors and machine tool controls. The company has become a world leader in measurement technology by offering its customers a combination of advanced products, market knowledge and commitment to long-term global partnerships. Building on these foundations, Marposs has created an international organization able to deliver application, design and service support virtually anywhere in the world. Marposs pays the utmost attention to customer satisfaction. The company deploys economic and human resources and carries out its best commitment to offer top quality innovative products and applications developed in close cooperation and in simultaneous engineering with its customers.